Diversion and Joint Commission

Cradle to grave – including DEA compliant rendering opioid waste “non-recoverable” – handling of opioid waste is becoming a focus of the regulatory agencies. RxDestruct™ immediately sequesters waste in PACU, OR or in med room, and then chemically destroys the waste in an environmentally friendly way using a peer reviewed process. Opioid waste remains a wide open door in healthcare and needs to be slammed shut. https://www.pharmacypracticenews.com/Operations-and-Management/Article/06-21/Drug-Diversion-On-Radar-of-the-Joint-Commission/63639?sub=E0393079C2787B84CBB175FA512E480CF138EFE4AEADFF9311DF335703D25A&enl=true&dgid=–DGID–&utm_source=enl&utm_content=3&utm_campaign=20210615&utm_medium=button

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